Exoskeleton Arm


Exoskeleton Arm

The exoskeleton arm featured in the video was developed by Mechatronics Engineering 4th year student Alaa Alassi as a part of his Capstone project under the supervision of Dr. Berke Gür.


The objective of the project was to develop a low cost exoskeleton for the human arm. Exoskeletons are desiged to increase human capabilities in terms of force, stamina and precision. The 3 degree-of-freedom robotic exoskeleton arm incorporates a control system that takes into account the interaction force between the operator and the robotic arm.

A 2-D force sensor was designed and manufactured to measure the interaction force components along the x– and y-axis. These force measurements, together with encoder signals from the joints are used as control inputs to the controller.


The PID controllers, implemented in an Arduino microcontroller, calculate the required motor torques to overcome the applied load. Gravity compensation was also implemented in the controller based on the dynamic model of the exoskeleton.

The performance, smoothness, and stability of the exoskeleton was thoroughly tested and validated with numerous experiments.Exoskeleton

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