Undergraduate Courses

MCH4001 Fundamentals of Robotics


MCH4001 is an introductory course in robotics. Forward, inverse, and velocity kinematics, the Jacobian, basic path planning, trajectory generation, and PID based controllers are introduced

MCH4202 Autonomous Robotics


MCH4202 is a project based course on mobile and autonomous robots. Locomotion, mobile robot kinematics, sensors and perception, environmental modeling, and motion planning are discussed.

MCH4999 Capstone Project


Students enrolled in the MCH4999 course get involved with the development and implementation of a mechatronics project. The course is intended to provide students with an insight on how to prepare and present a technical proposal and a technical report, how to design, conduct and manage a scientific study, and, if applicable, how to plan and implement a product development process.

Graduate Courses

MCH5330 Robot Dynamics and Control


MCH5330 is a graduate level course on dynamics and control of robot manipulators. Dynamics of constrained motion for multi-body systems, the Newton-Euler and Euler-Lagrange formulation for robot dynamics, path planning with potential fields, independent joint control, the computed torque method, force control, non-linear decoupled control, vision based control are the topics covered in the course.

MCH5462 Advanced Robotics

MCH5462 is an advanced and project based course in robotics. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to advanced robot kinematics, dynamics of multi-body systems, robot dynamics, the Newton-Euler formulation, the Lagrangian formulation, motion control in joint and operational spaces, force control, advanced path planning, trajectory generation and collision avoidance, haptics.

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